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Try Iron Brew

Our new soft drink is specially configured to taste exactly like your least favorite flavor or memory. It lures you in with the smell of bubble gum soda, but once you taste it, look out! min of Somerset, NJ tasted it and said it reminded her of her trip to Ireland. Rod of "Somewhere in the Adirondacks", NY tasted it and said it tasted like a combination of aftershave and vomit. Find out your least favorite flavor or memory. Drink: Iron Brew!

By fnord12 | March 26, 2007, 9:23 AM | My stupid life


a special commendation should go to nsxt290 for actually drinking an entire bottle without throwing up.

you're a real trooper, nsxt290. we here at SuperMegaMonkey are very proud of you.

P.S. We have 2 more bottles for you.

I thought they r required to put warning labels on these things. I`m so glad i can see your site on my phone... Running out of things to do to keep me entertained