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F*$#ed Up S@%t

What the hell is wrong with people that after all these years after they figured out that smoking during pregnancy causes developmental and health problems pregnant women are still smoking?

While pregnancy may be considered an effective motivator for smoking cessation, results of a new study by researchers at the Mailman School of Public Health indicate that pregnant U.S. women commonly smoke, placing themselves and their unborn children at risk for health and developmental complications.
The data show that almost 22 percent of these women smoked cigarettes and more than 10 percent were nicotine dependent.

Now you know why the younger generation seems so stupid. They had stupid parents.

I get that quitting is hard for most people. If you can't manage to quit, don't get pregnant. It's pretty selfish to know you can't stop smoking but insist on having a baby anyway. It's fine to inflict it on yourself, but not fair to the baby. And if you're that selfish, wtf are you doing having kids? Birth control in the public water supply. Please.

And this i got this from nsxt290:

Man's best friend may have a new best friend after Eli Lilly and Co. won U.S. approval to sell its former blockbuster antidepressant Prozac to treat misbehaving mutts.

The drug, repackaged into a chewable, beef-flavored tablet to be called Reconcile, was officially approved by the Food and Drug Administration for the treatment of separation anxiety in dogs in conjunction with behavior modification training, the drug maker said on Wednesday.

Yes, ladies and gentlemen. Beef-flavored treatment for your pet's separation anxiety. If you sedate them, they won't tear up your bed sheets and poop in your shoes. Brilliant.

I hate people.

By min | April 25, 2007, 3:26 PM | Science


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