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Marvel Monthly Sales

Also from P O'B, here's Marvel's sales for March.

By fnord12 | April 30, 2007, 1:54 PM | Comics


Adam says I'm to yell at you for the current artist doing Fables. Since he sucks so badly. And I need to blame someone.

I'm just saying. It's apparently your fault, and you should fix it.

he hasn't even read any Fables.

I didn't notice anything particularly off about the art this issue. It's by Buckingham, right? He's pencilled Fables in the past, and some Sandman's (just to name some stuff you might have enjoyed him on in the past). Is it ugly or poor story-telling?

Plus, is it bad art, or just art you don't like. For example, I don't like seeing Paul Ryan's artwork (it's bland and boring), but I couldn't say it's 'bad'. Rob Liefeld, on the other hand, sucks on any and every level.

Or, it could be the inker.

mebbe john byrne broke in and inked a few pages. that could explain it.

It's not Buckingham - it's Alread or something. (It's not the current issue, I'm one or two behind still). It's the whole story arc about the North Wind. 56, 57, 58 at least.

Godawful. My ass could do better artwork.

Yeah, it's the Allred two-parter that's really bad.

57-58 I think.

Maybe it's the way it's inked, I dunno, but it's terrible!

Mike Allred has deliberately retro/stylized artwork. I've never read Fables (and i have no idea why this conversation is happening on a Marvel sales post!) but if he's doing his regular thing i can see why it might be jarring for you. I wouldn't say it's bad though. He's often quite good.

I agree with Rod on this 100%. And I enjoyed this art/story.

I've seen his artwork other places (Mallrats! and I've seen enough of Madman to recognize his style), but I don't feel like what he's doing in Fables is even in line with that. Maybe I just haven't seen enough of his other stuff, or like I said, maybe it's the way it's inked, but I hate it!

Well here's a link to a 6 page preview of issue 57, so those who haven't seen the art can judge for themselves.


PS: Whether you like the art or not, I'd say your ass is pretty talented Robin.

This thread is happening here because Adam told me you were to blame, and this was an easily hijackable post.

I still say you are to blame. And that my ass should be getting an art deal with Vertigo any day.

is this the asshole who drew x-factor?

x-force and x-statix.

oh, you're right. it's x-statix that i'm talking about. i get the X-titles confused.

i hate that asshole. he should form a club with john byrne and liefeld. then we could go to their clubhouse and beat them with sticks.

I'm sorry, but comparing Allred and Byrne, who, no matter what you think of the quality of their work, can tell a story decently and are, generally, professional, to a talentless, no account hack like Liefeld is obscene, and I won't stand for it.