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People make mistakes

Especially when they are angry and tired. In the latest issue of Spider-Man, Peter said that his Aunt May's maiden name was Fitzgerald. In fact, her maiden name was Reilly (hence the Spidey clone taking the name Ben Reilly). But Peter's mother's maiden name was Mary Fitzgerald. People are saying that the mistake was due to bad editing or lazily looking the wrong name, confusing May with Mary (and likely it is due to something along these lines).

But, Peter was angry, tired, and distraught over Aunt May's wound, and was potentially thinking something along the lines of "She's like a mother to me." I think it's entirely explainable that Peter got his wires crossed and picked the wrong maiden name given his emotional state.

And Peter is a brilliant scientist who could easily have created non-dissolving webbing. It was something he was criticized for early on when he tried to sell his web formula. He probably went back and figured out how to do it but realized that he shouldn't try to sell it because it would give away his identity. Also, in the Spider-Man cartoon, Spidey meets an alternate reality version of himself who has created all sorts of different webbing/glue and made himself very rich. I don't know if that's true in the comics as well - it would have occurred in the 90s when i stayed well clear of the Spider-Man comics, but in the cartoon, the alternate universe Spidey wore the Web-Armor which definitely did appear in the comics.

By fnord12 | April 2, 2007, 10:42 AM | Comics


The first two paragraphs are fine. Mistakes were made and corrected. Perhaps Spider-Man was confused and angry, etc. (or some crappy spider totem was messing with him).

The third paragraph is wild speculation unsupported by canon. Your only evidence is a cartoon and a one-shot comic appearance of spider armor which you haven't even read. Just because you could see Peter Parker doing this, doesn't mean he did. In fact, nothing in the comics themselves support this. (as far as I know. If there is some comic based evidence, then I'm willing to admit my fault. But, I believe this is a brand new aspect to the webbing's attributes that has never been mentioned and it seems odd that this would be all he did with it: stash suits throughout the city.

The truth is this issue just stunk. And not for these reasons.

I don't need to support it. He said he did it in this issue. So it happened. The only speculation is to when he first created the webbing and why he doesn't use it very often (probably because it's hard to get rid of).

I thought it was a good issue.

Axel Alonso is and always has been a bad editor (for in-continuity stories, anyway). But I like to try and make things work the best I can instead of complain about stuff. It's probably a side-effect of my chronology project.