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So, i don't really know how it started, but then again, i never do. Bits of the Hulk's personality and memories were being stripped from him and manifesting physically. All the physical manifestations looked like the Hulk, but they acted slightly differently. One was infantile. One was super stupid. Things like that. Nothing really flushed out. I think one was super-deformed. Gigantic head, regular-sized body.

The Hulk was completely unaware of this. These people from another dimension had been gathering and tending to the various Hulk-bits. They wanted to bring them back to the Hulk and somehow re-merge his bits to the whole. Hulk, ofc, had no idea what had been happening and when these people approached him, he assumed they were attacking him. He attacked back. Typical.

Miraculously, none of them were seriously hurt by the Hulk's rampage. As the fight continued, the others managed to herd the Hulk-bits to the scene and Hulk finally understood he was not being attacked but helped.

On a side note, at one point, She-Hulk arrives and the infantile Hulk recognizes her immediately and is overjoyed. She isn't sure exactly what's going on so she tries to get away from him. She disguises herself in a lab coat and glasses and sets herself up at a desk in a lab. As if this would work. Ah well.

By min | May 8, 2007, 2:44 PM | Comics & My Dreams