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Hot Enough For Ya?

Remember when we were kids and a hot day in the summer would be 87? Last summer we were regularly experiencing temps in the mid-90s. And it's only going to get better.

Future eastern United States summers look much hotter than originally predicted with daily highs about 10 degrees warmer than in recent years by the mid-2080s, a new NASA study says.

Previous and widely used global warming computer estimates predict too many rainy days, the study says. Because drier weather is hotter, they underestimate how warm it will be east of the Mississippi River, said atmospheric scientists Barry Lynn and Leonard Druyan of Columbia University and NASA's Goddard Institute for Space Studies.


In the 2080s, the average summer high will probably be 102 degrees in Jacksonville, 100 degrees in Memphis, 96 degrees in Atlanta, and 91 degrees in Chicago and Washington, according to the study published in the peer-reviewed journal Climate.

But every now and then a summer will be drier than normal and that means even hotter days, Lynn said. So when Lynn's computer models spit out simulated results for July 2085 the forecasted temperatures sizzled past uncomfortable into painful. The study showed a map where the average high in the southeast neared 115 and pushed 100 in the northeast. Even Canada flirted with the low to mid 90s.

Many politicians and climate skeptics have criticized computer models as erring on the side of predicting temperatures that are too hot and outcomes that are too apocalyptic with global warming. But Druyan said the problem is most computer models, especially when compared to their predictions of past observations, underestimate how bad global warming is. That's because they see too many rainy days, which tends to cool temperatures off, he said.

An editor of the journal Climate had this to say about the study:

Weaver said looking at the map of a hotter eastern United States he can think of one thing: "I like living in Canada."

Canada just keeps looking better and better.

By min | May 11, 2007, 11:12 AM | Science


Actually 87 sounds low for a summer temperature for when i was a kid. I remember all the time saying 'it's gonna be over a hundred tomorrow!' in middle school as a reason why they shouldn't make us go to school in June.

did you go to middle school on the sun?

it was actually a brick oven.

By 2080 I will be long dead. You should check your deathclock more often.

This "deathclock" has a bug in it. It isn't taking my immortality into account.