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SuperMegaSpeed Reviews

Iron Man #17 - Interesting plot and happy to see something of a redefinition of the Mandarin. I like how he's examined himself and realized that he's acted too much out of rage in the past and now he's going to correct that. This should really re-establish him as a top villain. The genetic terrorist manipulation and the struggles Tony is having running SHIELD is also good. This book has definitely gotten better.

Astonishing X-Men #21 - While this is an "any heroes will do" generic type of story, it's being executed well and i'm enjoying it. After this wraps up and Whedon leaves, i'm going to be blind to the X-Men section of the marvel universe again. Maybe i'll have to get that big event.

Runaways #26 - Several laugh out loud moments ("Why aren't you awesomed by me??") and great character moments as well (oh, the story's ok too). As long as Joss Whedon doesn't kill anyone, this should continue to be one of my favorites, even if the next issue is a time travel story.

Omega Flight #2 - Man, they'll slap an "Initiative" label on anything. This is good. I'd have expected the Wrecking Crew to actually kill Sasquatch, but dragging him around like a dog is pretty sadistic so it works even if the point from a plot perspective is to keep him alive and rescuable. It's still not paced right for a miniseries but i'm using my reality-manipulation powers to ensure that this becomes an ongoing so that'll be fine. The shock ending was ruined a bit by the preview/filler issue that came out at the end of civil war. Nonetheless, good.

Hulk #106 - this was great. I love the Richards/Cho 'chess' game. Pak said in an interview that if he could have done anything differently about Planet Hulk, it would have been to have sub-plots running through the series dealing with Hulk's supporting cast back on Earth. I wish he had done that because he's apparently a very good writer. I just haven't gotten the Planet Hulk stuff because i'm not all that interested in the Hulk-as-gladiator thing.

World War Hulk: World Breaker #1 - This was pretty pointless, and not nearly as well written as the main Hulk issue so it actually had negative value. And how is it a prologue if it takes place after #106? It's nice to have the first appearance of Amadeus Cho reprinted in the back although it turns out his bond with the Hulk isn't based on very much. The best thing in here was the Mini Marvels. Buti felt like they ran with the Black Bolt hand signal bit a little too long. God, i just hate everything, don't i?

By fnord12 | May 7, 2007, 8:11 AM | Comics