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SuperMegaSpeed Reviews

Punisher - this is really slow and boring. I know they tried to establish earlier that the Punisher has some kind of Cap worship thing going on, but this is taking it way too far. Also, even though i agree with the politcs, the full page lecture on immigration was a bit much for me. And i find this story continues for two more issues? Dropping is imminent

Iron Fist - When i think back on what happened in this issue, it was "Iron Fist and Iron Fist Senior crawl out of the sewer and go back to the Rand Corp Headquarters, where they find more bad guys." I remember enjoying it at the time though so it must have been some damn good sewer crawling. Also i'm glad to see Luke, Colleen, and Misty show up.

Amazing Spider-Man - Good but like a lot of current comics it moves a little too slowly and i'm not really feeling the immediacy of Parker's rage at this point. The chronologist in me is trying to figure out where this fits in the Kingpin's history since he's been forced out of the country in Daredevil and already come back into the country in Runaways. I'm pretty sure this takes place immediately after Civil War, though. That works best for me as i'd like this storyline resolved before the New Avengers stories start.

Avengers - Well, the Bendis doubters were essentially right. Everyone was trying to figure out who the new Ronin was based on the few lines of dialogue in his debut appearance. The clues were that he directed his comments to Luke Cage, talked with a bit of a street slang, and didn't seem to have be familiar with working with the Avengers. Adding all that together and considering the fact that he uses a sword and that the original purpose of the New Avengers team was to get all the recognizable fan-favorite characters on one team, i had my money on Blade (thinking that the slang and the fact that he was only talking to Luke was a white writer's way of indicating that the character was black). Considering that it ended up being Hawkeye, who re-joined the team despite Cage's protest, those lines of dialogue ended up being very throwaway. Still, i enjoyed this issue despite the very sketchy art which i really am getting used to.

By fnord12 | May 14, 2007, 10:22 AM | Comics