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The Stupid Giving Vegans A Bad Name

A couple in Georgia have been convicted of starving their baby to death. They claim to be vegans, feeding the baby soy milk and apple juice.

The infant was born in the bathtub of a Buckhead apartment but never taken to a doctor while alive. He was dead when his parents took him to Piedmont Hospital, across the street from their apartment, April 25, 2004. At six weeks old he weighed just 3 1/2 pounds and was so emaciated, doctors could count his bones through his skin.

Fulton prosecutor Chuck Boring said the verdict isn't a condemnation of veganism, a strict form of vegetarianism that doesn't allow the consumption or use of animal products. Instead, jurors believed prosecutors' assertions that the couple intentionally neglected and underfed the child and then tried to use the lifestyle as a shield.

Despite the prosecutor saying it's not a condemnation of veganism, it's what most people will remember. I'm sure the Sally Fallon brigade will be out in full force twisting the facts to make it sound like soy was the real killer. Surely, it is better to feed babies unpasteurized milk with ground up beef liver in it.

Unfortunately, the fact that these people had to be idiots to think soy milk and apple juice would be sufficient and therefore had no right to reproduce really won't play as much of a role in people's memories. The soy milk containers clearly stated it was no substitute for formula. And when your baby is so emaciated, you can see its bones, you don't have to be a genius to know something's not right.

The mothers of this couple were at the trial and cried when they heard the verdict. Nice of them to show up. Where were they when their kids were busy starving their grandchild?

At least the jurors got to hear from a nutritionist who wrote a book about raising kids on a vegan diet. That leaves a tiny bit of hope that at least those 12 people will blame the parents and not veganism. *sigh*

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