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Xanadu On Broadway

This idea is so bad, it's awesome. It's jazz hands!!!

Greek Muses and rollerskates. You'd think with a combination like that, you couldn't possibly go wrong. Oh, how mistaken you are. The movie was terrible. They say this musical version will be tongue-in-cheek, but i don't see how that could make it measurably better.

By min | May 1, 2007, 1:06 PM | Movies & Music


PEOPLE! Don't you understand the magic of Xanadu? It makes people follow their dreams! What is wrong with THAT? Has all this D&D turned your hearts BLACK? Little known trivia is that both Ana B. and Andrew P. of dream pop band Mahogany were both totally obsessed with Xanadu as young children. Rumor has it one of the next three, yes I said three, Mahogany albums that are currently in development will have the influence of the great composer of 1/2 of the Xanadu soundtrack, Jeff Lynne of ELO! I have the DVD and still love the soundtrack, Olivia, Gene Kelley and rollerskating. Don't bring me down!