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Bye, Blade

Poor Blade. He's an interesting character and he obviously has drawing power considering the popularity of his movies, but he keeps getting saddled with... less than top level creative teams* and he can't seem to maintain a book.

*I didn't try the most recent book, but i have tried his books in the past and they've been terrible. I hadn't heard of this team so i passed on this book. If this funny cover is any indication, maybe i made a mistake.

By fnord12 | June 8, 2007, 10:16 AM | Comics


how come he has a crew cut in one pic and an afro in the next?

The picture in the middle is his 'classic' look from his early appearances in Tomb of Dracula.

Well, Howard Chaykin is considered a top level artist, and it was considered quite the big deal when he showed up on this book.

And this cover is awesome! So awesome it's odd-some!

I always think in terms of writers, which in this case was Mark Guggenheim. I shouldn't have said "team"; i forgot Chaykin was the artist.