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Damn Deer

Today's banner image is a picture of our lovely sunflowers. Aren't the flowers pretty? Yeah. Jerks.

By min | June 29, 2007, 8:57 AM | My stupid life


See, if you ate meat, this wouldn't be a problem... it would be dinner.

Am i understanding you correctly? You had those deer eat our sunflowers in order to push your radical pro-meat agenda?

By "radical" I take it you are using the popular 1980's slang meaning "awesome" or "great". In which case yes, I am. However, I think that you are mistaken on the concept that I have psychic powers to control deer and make them do things. If I did, I would not be advocating killing them and making them into tasty, tasty venison. Which is tasty.

If I did have psychic dominion over deer, why not just make them straight into dinner in the first place? Why bother with your sunflower seeds. This is just another example of "anti-protien rich diet" thinking.