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Yep, we like the Adirondacks

SuperMegaMonkey is taking another trip up into the mountains. Due to advances in temporal displacement, we've already got the pictures available here (Note: we haven't migrated this to our current site yet, so don't click on too many of the pictures or the entire internet will shut down.) No posts for a week! See ya later!

By fnord12 | June 15, 2007, 2:46 PM | My stupid life


Hey, there true believers! We at Supermegadio!!!!! will be taking up the slack while Supermegamonkey is away. So, starting on Monday June 18, come to http://wanyas.blogspot.com/index.html
for all your political, comic, & crappy movie outrage!!!!!

Or if you're bored you can always read the new review of "The Shadow Walkers" on the Spored to Death Tome.