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SuperMegaSpeed Reviews

Two weeks worth of good stuff:

Iron Fist #7 - I thought this was pretty good until min showed me otherwise. I thought it would be cool, kind of like a Sandman thing, for them to tell stories of Iron Fists throughout the ages. I thought the story was interesting but that it ended kind of abruptly. I liked it over all. Then min showed me that the book had three different artists (i need to start paying more attention to the art), and the one who did the last half of the book was just terrible.

Mighty Avengers #4 - No help with the New Avengers continuity issue here, but this is still a good one. Poor Sentry. Does anyone remember seeing the Sentry's wife in World War Hulk? That would help with placement. Ugh, there i go talking about continuity issues instead of doing a review again. Hey, it was good, what can i say?

Captain America #28 - I love Sin's Serpent Squad although i think she's been a little loose with the snake theme. I mean, she's not dressed like a snake at all and another guy on the team is an Eel. Eh, she's an anarchist, so i guess i shouldn't expect attention to detail. The rest of this issue was great as well. I was a bit surprised to see Sharon Carter vamping a bit on the rooftop with Falcon. That's not like her. Is this the start of a Sam/Sharon romance? A bit soon after Cap's death, no? Update: It turns out the Eel was a founding member of the original Serpent Squad. My bad!

Amazing Spider-Man #542 - great way to resolve the Kingpin conflict without having Spidey actually kill. Decent story. While i've enjoyed JMS's run on ASM, it's time for him to move on.

Super-Villain Team-Up #1 - Yeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaah! MODOK! Nicely done, and even a line making sure the Armadillo's chronology is in order.

Quasar #1 - This has the unfortunate distinction of being the first comic in this pile that i read, so even though i remember it being Very Good, min had to remind me what happened in it. The one thing i'll say is that something happened along the way with the Super-Adaptoid. Intially he could absorb the powers of anyone he was in the vicinity of. Now he's just got the powers of the early Avengers. I guess it's a good thing for Quasar, though. Oh i just remembered: i really like the idea that the quantum bands are somehow corrupted because Annihilus wore them.

Starlord #1 - Similar to Super-Villain Team-Up in the sense that it is mining the backwaters of Marvel continuity in order to make a motley team. This one went for the truly bizarre, though. Groot? Now i have to go back and update the historical significance rating of Tales To Astonish #13. "First appearance of Groot". Rocket Racoon was great, too, and i've always loved the *tic* Bug. Very well written, too.

WWH: X-Men #2 - good god, someone get Gage an X-book permanently. Better yet, make him the main X-Men writer. I haven't enjoyed the X-Men this much in years (Sorry Morrison and Whedon, but it's true), and he does an awesome job of filling me in with these new people i'm not familiar with, and making me like them. And what he did with the Juggernaut, in like 3 panels, was just fantastic. Plus: super cool fight scene.

Iron Man #20 - Only problem with this is i think Dugan already ran SHIELD for a while after the last time Fury 'died'. Maybe not. I'm having conflicting memories of it being him and/or G.W. Bridge. But still, this was excellent (oh, and it's Gage again). I loved Dum Dum bringing in the agents that have had experience with the Hulk and getting their analysis and then making a decision. Unfortunately it's Iron Man's book so we had a little bit of a Deus Ex where the final decision was made by Stark but i still thought it was a great look at a guy who's been in a permanent #2 spot suddenly being put in charge.

Hulk #108 - Some unnecessary water treading, although is it possibly showing that the Hulk is being manipulated by the Rick Jones analogue (perhaps without the bug even knowing it)? I'm confused and annoyed by all the bug people, as evidenced by my refusal to learn their names. And was Gary Frank only drawing the one issue? Oh well.

World War Hulk #2 - This, on the other hand, rocked. I like how it looks as though Rick or the Sentry (but not She-Hulk) could potentially have reached the Hulk through his rage but Illuminati members screwed up the chances of that. Beyond that, great fights!

By fnord12 | July 30, 2007, 10:01 AM | Comics


Iron Fist: what can i say? i have a knack for noticing crappy art.

Cap: mebbe the writer got some tips from Jeph Loeb. he seems to be the resident expert on the animal kingdom.

X-Men: fantastic fight. i don't usually notice when there's poor pacing in the art so i could be wrong, but i think Devito did a good job drawing the fight, too.

WWH: i hate those illuminatis. they are the biggest screw-ups. it's mind-boggling.