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Kaiju Big Battel

Spored clued me in to Kaiju Big Battel, which is proof that my utopian Godzilla visions are going to be accurate. This is good and all but they need a little less actual wrestling (get that ref out of there) and more radioactive fire-breathing. Fifteen years from now, this'll realize its potential (and get the actual Godzilla licensing rights).

By fnord12 | August 3, 2007, 11:33 AM | Godzilla


i just want to watch that scene with godzilla flying across the field feet first into megalon. that was awesome.

How did you not know about this? A friend told me she used to go watch this stuff back when Joshua and I were still living in North Brunswick.

You've lost your edge, man.

The only way to save face is to put on your own godzilla outfit and fight min.

Someone sell tickets. Now.

B-but... i was there! At the first Godzilla attack in 1954 in Tokyo.