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Pictures of trees

You are invited to politely sleep through our display of Indian Lake vacation pictures.

By fnord12 | August 28, 2007, 4:01 PM | My stupid life


Did you mean chlorophyll regarding the Indian Pipe plant? Or do most of these plants try to knock you out with a piece of gauze?

you forgot to tell them about the meeses typing manuscripts in our pretzel box at 3am.

Oops. I actually meant "colorforms".

are those similar to shrinky dinks?

Yeah but you don't bake them. They're basically just stickers that you can remove and re-stick.

that's completely not similar. they don't shrink, for one. and shrinky dinks were hard after baking so you couldn't stick them anywhere.

they should make shrinky dink d&d miniatures. much easier to color in than paint.

similar in the sense that they were both toys that i was vaguely aware of when i was a kid but i didn't have and didn't see the purpose of. see also: lite-brite.