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Hepped Up On Mucenex

For those of you who love that xkcd so much, i bring you The Cutest:

More examples of injustice as a man texting while driving gets hit by a freight train but suffers no fatal injuries.

Delf said officers believe he was driving faster than the 35 mph speed limit as well as using his cell phone to send a text message. She said he tried to brake for the train, but it was too close.

"There are all kinds of ways to get distracted these days," said police spokeswoman Kerry Delf. "We don't recommend any of them while you're driving."

Another guy assaults his 81-year old father with a hammer so that he can put him in a nursing home, freeing him up to return to India.

"He was under a belief, we don't know why, that you can't go straight into a nursing home without being in the hospital," said Chief Deputy District Attorney Steve Wagstaffe. "He thought, 'I can overcome that problem. I'll put him in the hospital.'"

After the Oct. 6 attack in the bathroom, the victim was unconscious for an hour and a half before Patel called paramedics, Wagstaffe said. The man has since been released from the hospital.

Patel was being held on $500,000 bail after being charged with attempted murder, assault with a deadly weapon and elder abuse.

The Hammer of Justice could not be reached for comment as she and Juicy Carmichael (kick) were out on a case. Sources close to The Hammer say that she is most definitely against elder abuse.

And for some random news on Catholics, we've got the Knights Templar and Elvis worshipping.

God, i wish i'd taken some Mucenex this morning before coming to work.

By min | October 17, 2007, 11:09 AM | Ummm... Other?


I like the juxtaposition of cuteness with the most vile stories that you could find in the news.

You can keep the cat pictures. More bunnies!

There is a rumor that evil never dies...I think your above news about cellphone wackjob and the good son prove that.

Yes "Evil Never Dies", but its very hard to understand. Especially when the plot synopsis is so badly written. Check it out here:


Juicy Carmichael (kick) keeps getting drunk dialed by her various foes.

"Keeps"? "Foes"?!?!?!