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This time i'm a'gonna win

Thanks to joshua for the tip on getting a $25 gift card if you buy Mario Galaxies at Toys R Us today. And no thanks at all to our supposedly inside man at Toy R Us for the same.

I was definitely gonna get the game cause it looks like a game that min can sort of play along in without getting dizzy, but we've got Oblivion and Okami to get through before i was going to buy anything new. But you can't pass up essentially buying the game for half-price.

The video game section of the store was totally full, and when i got to the counter, they didn't even ask me what i wanted; they just pulled out the next copy of Galaxies. I guess this is the Wii's Halo.

I also thought it was funny/sad that the bulletin board in the entranceway of the store was overflowing with recall notices due to lead contamination.

By fnord12 | November 13, 2007, 1:54 PM | Video Games