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Hostile to real progressives

At this point i've come to expect the hostility towards Nader, even at the center-left blogs that i read. But the argument i've always heard is along the lines of "Nader may be right on the issues but he has no chance of winning. If he wants to run to raise issues, that's fine, but why doesn't he do it in the Democratic primary instead of as a 3rd party candidate." I'm not debating the merits of that in this post (although min might if she opts to publish her Nader post after her self-imposed 'cooling off' period), but this "approved" method is essentially the way thet Dennis Kucinich went. Recently, after dropping out of the current primary, Kucinich found himself under attack in his House of Representatives re-election, by a combination of right wingers who don't like his politics and DLC Democrats (ok, that's a redundancy) who don't like his politics. And look what Kos has to say:

Bowers is relieved that Kucinich looks safe. I'm not. I'd love to see him booted for someone who actually was happy to represent the district without delusions of grandeur. But maybe Kucinich will have learned his lesson and be happy with his job.

"Learned his lesson", huh? What's the lesson, STFU?

By fnord12 | February 27, 2008, 4:42 PM | Liberal Outrage


at least kos gets slammed by alot of the commenters, and not in the "foaming at the mouth" way.

he did the same thing with cindy sheehan.

what i want to know is when are real progressives going to stop hanging out with the center/left of center democrats and make their own movements? the dems clearly don't like it when we get too "uppity".