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Blue Room show

Thanks to our friends who came to see us at the Blue Room on Friday. We were worried that we wouldn't meet the 12 person "minimum" draw, but we actually exceeded it by quite a bit and it turned out we were the band with the biggest draw. It also seems that the minimum isn't such a big deal in any event as there were several groups there that didn't have that many "fans". Also thanks for sticking around as they had some scheduling problems and we didn't go on until midnight! Despite some sound issues, we seem to have went over well, and the organizer was very complimentary and wants to have us back at a more promising time slot.

Our next show is a Friends of Suzanne benefit concert on a saturday afternoon in a park. There's no draw requirements so we won't be badgering anyone but it looks like there'll be some good music and food and such, and it's for an organization that helps cancer patients, so come support us and them if you're free.

By fnord12 | March 17, 2008, 10:14 AM | Music


i'm waiting for zildjian to contact me about all the free stuff they're going to give me for advertising their products.

You have to call your zildjian rep and ask for demo units.