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Geek Flow Chart

There are many inaccuracies with this flow chart, one of which being "fantasy baseball" presence on the chart at all.

At least they remembered the Mountain Dew.

H/T to starfaith for sending me the link.

By min | March 11, 2008, 1:35 PM | D&D & Star Wars & Video Games


But, that's the thing. Fantasy baseball (and other such fantasy sports stuff) is, in actuality, extremely geeky and is a sports centered role playing game (sort of). It requires some of the same "skills" of rpg type stuff. and to not refer it as geeky just because it is sports related is allowing the 'other side' to dictate the terms of the debate. "it's sports, so how can it be geeky?" It is.

Just like wearing 'your teams' outfit is just cosplaying.