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Random Lyrics Thursday

Nutopia by Meg Lee Chin

I saw the best minds of my generation running on empty, superglued to the T.V.,
Dreaming of prosperity, talking incessantly, saying nothing.
Sleeping on platforms at train stations, sipping chemical cocktails,
Alive to the Universe, dead to the World.
Hallucinating delusions of media reality in Camden Town, desperate in the pursuit of cool
He's in a suit, she's in a straight jacket, 7-11 nightmares at 3am and the moon is quiet and holy.

Watch all the bridges collide,
Well I think we might have to lay low, for a while

I saw the best minds of my generation caught up in the virtual reality of living
Memorizing pin numbers and secret codes,
Swaying robotically to non-existant rhythms,
Flashing memberships to clubs so exclusive nobody belongs.

Jesus said " Lay down your arms". Jesus said "Children come home".

Scared shitless, witless, clueless, useless, tightlipped, tightfisted,tightassed, half-assed, sniveling, groveling, moaning, groaning.

The city's all wrapped up in plastic like an electronic cocoon.
If you lay in the street you can hear it humming, building up slowly from underground.
If you close your eyes you can observe the blueprint; the man-made dna that spirals breathlessly out of control,
As synapses collapse, bridges snap, into a restless utopia.


By fnord12 | March 13, 2008, 8:55 AM | Music


you have lifted some of the lines in your poem from alan ginsberg's howl. this is one of the most famous american poems EVER and i would consider giving him his credit or you are essentially plagiarizing his work.

Psst! Meg Lee Chin can't hear you from here! But in any event, all she did was take the opening line of (as you say) a very recognizable poem and then go her own way with it, making it more of an homage, and certainly not plagiarism.