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It's been a while since i've done my comic reviews here. I've got a very large stack, and we're going to go through it very quickly.

Iron Fist: Orson Randall & the Green Mist of Death #1 - When i say this is "like Sandman" i don't really mean that it's up to that level of quality, although it's quite good. I just mean that the writers are building this big mystical backstory. It's quite good.

Iron Man #29 - Basically an old school fight between Iron Man & the Mandarin, to the point where we even have IM in his old armor. It's done very very well, and there are really good character moments for Maria Hill and Dum Dum Dugan as well. And i'm really liking the art.

Logan #1 - Average and unnecessary, but it's Vaughn so i'll stick it out for the remaining two issues. There's no way that pregnancy can be good news, whatever comes of it.

Mighty Avengers #9 - Well, i was worried that the Doom story would be treated as a quick flash in the pan story like the Venom arc was but A) It's not and B) it turns out that the Venom arc and the Doom arc are actually tied together, which is really nice. I like the angle that Doom was not actually responsible for the attack (although suggesting that Doom's equipment wouldn't have security measures in place to prevent such an accident could be dangerous!). The Morgan Le Fey/Doom stuff in the beginning was really good, too. But - and i know we're running late and trying to catch up - 3 two-page panels of the avengers fighting a bunch of robots is just ridiculous.

Order #8 - It's not bad now that i'm thinking of it as a mini-series.

Punisher War Journal #17 - Wow, Sunset Bain. Cool. Stuart Clarke is a nut and i enjoyed the focus on him. Chaykin's art wasn't bad.

Captain America #35 - Brubaker on Cap 4Ever!

ClanDestine #2 - Ye gods, not the Cross-Time Caper! I'll be honest, while i don't really care where this story is going, i enjoy letting Alan Davis take us there. He's really good at what he does. I think i need to fill in my Excalibur collection.

Daredevil #105 - Is there any horrible thing we haven't done to Matt Murdock yet?

Incredible Hercules #114 - apparently this is really a Hercules book now permanently? You know, i'm OK with that. Because Hercules is more mainstream than the Hulk, because he was an Avengers longer, and all i care about is how mainstream things are.

Runaways #29 - Who are these people?

She-Hulk #26 - I'm starting to think that getting this book was a mistake.

Thunderbolts: International Incident #1 - Very good for a fill in. My geeky question is where does this Arnim Zola appearance fit in with his regular appearances in Captain America? Also, get Gage on a regular book! Preferably something mainstream.

Damage Control #2 - Honestly, i haven't liked the previous Damage Control minis very much because they've been too silly and the art has been overly exaggerated comedic art. This series avoids all of that and it turns out to be a good story that also has some satirical elements. We need to woo McDuffie back to Marvel.

X-Force #2 - Magus. Awesome. People mocked me for wanting to get this X-Force book, but it's been really good, in my opinion. Nimrod! Magus! And a good black ops story. I have no problem with the art, it's a little stiff, but the storytelling is still good and the pictures look good.


Nextwave (1st two trades) - Reading it as a non-continuity satire, it's pretty good. Some great moments and pretty good overall. Robot brains that need beer, Elvis-MODOKs, Fing Fang Foom put you in his pants!, misogynist Captain America - all very funny. I don't necessarily see it as Ellis hating super-heroes so much as wanting to write a big dumb action movie and also poke a little fun at super-hero conventions. But there's too many continuity errors and deliberate mischaracterizations to consider this as part of the MU.

Thunderbolts (1st trade) - This was really good. The characterization of Osborne was awesome. Ellis' depiction of Screaming Mimi as a real field leader was great. Bullseye was appropriately dangerous. And the characterization of the lesser-know unregistered heroes in the story was great too. I still don't like that Venom is actually the Scorpion. It just seems stupid to me, and every time i see Venom i can't help think "Yeah, but that's not the real Venom", although Ellis does a good job with him as well. Deodato's art is great, too. It's funny how Deodato was basically a joke for a while but has really restored his reputation. I thought the fact that they included all the weird one-shots in the back was kind of annoying, especially since the one written by Jenkins actually wasn't terrible, and i would have preferred if they had stuck it where it belonged in the story.

Welcome to Tranquility (1st trade) - Not great. We need to woo Gail Simone back to Marvel so she can write Runaways.

Pride of Baghdad - Enjoyable, but i'm glad i didn't spend a lot of money to buy the hardcover version. Vaughan is a good writer and i'm glad he is able to do little stories like this. Nice art, too.


Annihilation: Conquest #5 - Nice to see the tie-in with Ultron's recent appearance in Mighty. I was afraid they were just going to say that it was two separate iterations of Ultron with no connection. And i still love Star-Lord's misfit team. This has been a cool mini.

Nova #11 - Yes! This is what i've been telling them to do all along! Awesome! It's interesting that we've got Magus in X-Force and Warlock here. It'd be really odd if it were just a coincidence.

Avengers: The Initiative #10 - Why did this feel like I was missing a New Warriors crossover issue? I'm enjoying this, but i think we need to hurry up now and move past this KIA plot. Taskmaster and Ant-Man bonding was funny.

Fantastic Four #555 - Nice that they are using Claremont's Alissa Moy character instead of adding more bloat to Reed's backstory. The Reed/Moy relationship is being developed very nicely.

Mighty Avengers #10 - i enjoyed the "70s era comic" gimmick. I really like Doom here, and i enjoyed the captions showing the undercurrent war between Doom and Iron Man's armor systems. Using the Sentry and the idea that everyone would forget all his actions as a way to solve their dilemma was a really clever move by Bendis. Doom showing respect to Mastermind was cool.

Last Defenders #1 - well, this wasn't very good at all. The characterization was stiff and dry and the story wasn't very interesting. The Blazing Skull character is just annoying.

Still to read: Powers, Sub-Mariner, Omac.

Overall, it was a very impressive pile of comic books. I like comic books.

By fnord12 | March 15, 2008, 3:05 PM | Comics