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SuperMegaSpeed Reviews

Incredible Hercules #115 - I was kind of hoping Cho would go the supervillain route. Hercules talking him down is more conventional, but it was still done well. The development of Hercules' back story - something that didn't even seem possible since his myths are pretty much what they are - is being done very well.

Captain America #36 - Missing Epting's art just a little bit but it's still good. I wonder if the Winter Soldier's more violent approach to fighting (including, but not just referring to, guns and knives) is something Brubaker is setting up in a negative light, or just a way to distinguish him from Cap. I thought the failed inspirational speech was a great moment. And of course the cliffhanger - wasn't expecting that so soon.

Order #9 - I was expecting a downgrade in quality now that they're cramming everything in to finish up the story before it is cancelled after next issue, but it's still OK. Not great, but not bad.

Iron Fist #13 - This really is a great book, and since i'm currently reading the original Iron Fist stories as part of my marvel timeline project, it's nice to see that things are well researched as well. Looking forward to the big kung fu ass kicking next issue.

Iron Man #27 - I am enjoying the politics of this (although a part of me wonders why Norman Osborn gets to have anything to do with an inquiry on SHIELD's actions - especially since it was originally the UN that performed the 'arrest). I also liked the mental fake out the Mandarin pulled - i suspected it but the delivery was still unexpected. But was anyone else fooled by the preview for Secret Invasion - i just assumed it was part of the Iron Man story and was wondering how the hell Tony could be in a lab with Reed and Hank when he's supposed to be dealing with the fallout/arrest.

By fnord12 | March 24, 2008, 1:00 PM | Comics