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Soda Popinski vs.Zangief
Soda Popinkski Zangief

By fnord12 | March 25, 2008, 9:11 AM | Video Games & Whoodwin


You forgot to mention that they were battling in Kitchen Stadium. The secret ingredient is quarters.

I would go with the wrestler over the boxer...unlike in mayweather v. bigshow where they can't possibly let david be beaten by goliath http://www.usatoday.com/sports/boxing/2008-03-27-mayweather-wrestlemania_N.htm

I guess the difference between my proposed fight and Mayweather/Bigshow is that in yours, neither contestant has turned their skin purple from drinking too much grape soda, and neither contestant has manscaped their chest hair into the shape of a bear's head. Nonetheless, i'd like to see that Mayweather/Bigshow fight. Spored? I believe that is your department.

In order to see the Mayweather/Big Show "fight" you would have to shell out $54.95 to watch Wrestlemania. I haven't seen a good Wrestlemania since XX. And as to the winner of the fight, Big Show never wins the gimmick fights at Wrestlemania. He'll lose as soundly as he did to the Sumo wrestler a couple of years ago in a Sumo match.

i liked him better when he was the Giant.