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For Robn


Feel better!

By fnord12 | July 24, 2008, 10:24 PM | My stupid life


wiki says whooping cough is super contagious.....shouldn't joshua be concerned?

I don't fear puny bacteria. I'm bigger than they are! What can they possibly do to me!

Plus, I had whatever she had, but either due to the fact that *my* doctor put me on antibiotics right away, or I'm just tougher than she is, I haven't been nearly as sick.

Thanks :)

Actually Joshua was on antibiotics BEFORE I got this because he had some weird ear infection, and then got a very quick burst of what I've got but was already on the proper treatment or somesuch.

My immune system was in bad shape from sleeping only 3x a week leading up to this, so my guess is most people's childhood vaccines would hold up against exposure, but NOT MINE.

I'm special that way.