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Freedom Freaks

Glenn Greenwald:

When Jesse Helms died last month, there was a discussion about Helms in an online email group of prominent liberal Beltway journalists, and one participant asked whether the Left has any equivalent to Jesse Helms, and a well-known "liberal" journalist responded: "Yes -- the ACLU extremists." Time's Joe Klein said last year that objections to the Senate's warrantless eavesdropping bill were merely "fodder for lawyers and civil liberties extremists" -- a phrase which GOP Rep. Pete Hoekstra then praised in National Review. The very same Beltway denizens who have so submissively enabled the radicalism of this administration simultaneously harbor and continuously spew contempt for those Shrill, Unserious "activists" -- such as the dreaded ACLU extremists -- who challenge and disrupt their little Beltway fiefdom.

Yeah, people who believe in the constitution are just civil liberties extremists, the left's equivalent of racist nincompoop Jesse Helms. God save the center!

(Image by Jack Kirby from Captain America #195 - Mar 76)

By fnord12 | July 25, 2008, 12:20 PM | Liberal Outrage