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Marvel's Black Men in Chicken suits

I don't get it, really. I mean, the rooster is a symbol in voodoo, so i kind of get Black Talon (but not really).

Gamecock is just bewildering. He's a street-gang level villain. On what planet do you decide dressing up like a chicken in the poverty stricken ghettos of the 1970s is not going to get your ass kicked? And how do you convince two of your friends to dress up the same way, Adam-West-Batman-villain-henchmen style?

How does Marvel wind up with not one but two super-villains that are black guys dressed up like chickens?

In one of our high school history books, there was a picture of a white man in black face (possibly Al Jolson?) dressed up as a rooster to illustrate minstrel shows (wish i could find it online). That's what i think of when i see these guys.

Update: Also, Bantam.

By fnord12 | July 24, 2008, 4:55 PM | Comics


Did you take McCormick's US history or did it use the same textbook? Cause, if you did, I have a copy at my parent's house.

We didn't use the Bailey in the regulah history classes.