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Some people have been buying monkeys to substitute for children. My favorite is when the younger woman is talking about her monkey love and the camera switches to the reporter and he has the strangest look of horror or incomprehension on his face.

By min | July 2, 2008, 2:49 PM | Ummm... Other?


I caught some of this on tv last night (I'm assuming this is the same thing, unless there are a huge amount of these stories). I couldn't watch it it was so stupid. The woman was a motor bike racer who couldn't stop racing to get pregnant, but wants a child so bad. She then makes the leap not to try and adopt, I don't know, a human, or to get a dog or something, but to adopt a monkey. When did this become an actual thought in people's heads that instead of raising people, I'll raise a wild animal?

I'm surprised that this even got time on Good Morning America when there are so many other great stories out there. Stories like "Man Survives Lightning Strike", "Christie Brinkley to Publicly Fight Husband", and "Man Cleared for Killing Neighbor's Burglars". See, GMA's loaded with relevant and informative content.

All of which are obviously much more important stories than our two ongoing wars, the Summer economic and fuel crisis, Admiral Mike Mullen's comments on how attacking Iran would be "stressful" for US forces, the farcical Zimbabwean elections couples with possible upcoming war and strife in Africa, and the American presidential election coming up in November. But, those must not be important because Good Morning America would have mentioned them if they were, right? Right?

At least Good Morning America had time to squeeze in a headline for the rescued hostages in Colombia. But wait! What's that over there? Is it a monkey? Hey everyone, come look at the monkey! See, it�s just like a little person; but with fur!!!

No, we're not easily distracted at all. Coming up next, a man jingling keys. Oooooooh!