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SuperMegaSpeed Reviews

Hulk: Raging Thunder #1 - I like Parker, but i don't know what the point of this was at all. Surely they're not floating a Thulkra series? Maybe she should meet up with Skaar for a Hulkids series. I did appreciate the reprint though; i didn't have that issue.

Clandestine #5 - Well, it's over, anyway. It started off very promising but it didn't really go anywhere, or it went in too many directions at once, or something.

Iron Man #39 - Two more issues till Gage. Just gritting our teeth through this fill in story until then.

Runaways #30 - Well, it's over, anyway. It started off very promising but it came out like once a century and introduced like a bazillion new characters from the past that i wasn't very interested in and couldn't remember who was who from issue to issue. Joss Whedon can stay away from comics for a while, please. At least he didn't kill anyone.

Daredevil #108 - Getting fun again. And who would have ever thought we'd be seeing so much of Dakota North?

Fantastic Four #558 - This is more like it. That first story was terrible, but this is quite good. I wish it could be the real Hulk but even so i think this is going to be very interesting.

Guardians of the Galaxy #2 - Well, we're committed to the Universal Church of Truth story, which i have reservations about but we'll see where it goes. In the meantime, more telepathic dogs, talking racoons, and noble seedlings, plus Vance. Not sure that Vance should stay, though. Too much danger of creating a lack of uniqueness with duplicates of both Captain America's shield and Justice, but i guess it's the other end of the universe so it doesn't really matter.

Secret Invasion: Runaways & Young Avengers #1 - This is only a 3 issue mini? Hmm. Yost does well with the characters; i wouldn't mind if he wrote one or both of these teams as an ongoing. I like following up on Hulkling's lineage so this should be interesting. I like the cartoony art style, but i'm not sure about what Nico's wearing.

Avengers: Initiative #14 - Good old Gage, using continuity elements from 3-D Man, of all things. This was very good. I like how this book is essentially about no one in particular, letting Gage (oh, ok, and Slott) utlize whatever characters they'd like.

Captain America #39 - This continues to be good although i do miss it when Epting isn't on art. I was surprised by the ending; it's been a while since we've had a traditional "bad guy shows up and threatens to beat up the good guy" type of cliffhanger ending. I don't mean that as a bad thing, just noticing.

Thunderbolts #121 - Nice Goblin/Mimi fight and nice to see something being done with Speedball. I liked the Samson/Moonstone dynamic as well. And Bullseye was also great. Ah, it's just a damn good book. As much as i like Gage, it'll be a shame to see Ellis go.

Hercules #118 - Not a ton to comment on since we're mid-story but this continues to be a great book. I see that the sales aren't weathering the Hulk/Herc swap as well as Marvel might have liked which is a shame because i'd like to see more books about less prominent characters (and i want this one to keep going). Nightmare was well depicted.

New Avengers #42 - Secret Invasion is going to play hell with my timeline project, but luckily it'll be long over by the time i get to these books. Bringing up House of M raises an interesting questions for me - it's interesting that the Scarlet Witch essentially did exaclty what the Skrulls were aiming for with regard to mutants, so were they actually controlling her? Did they replace Magneto or Quicksilver? And if not, wouldn't Wanda have "fixed" the Skrull infiltrators when she was re-creating everything after House of M? We'll see; obviously it looks like it will be addressed.

Mighty Avengers #15 - Hey, it's Romita, Janson, and Palmer on art. That's a nice team. Poor Hank. Such a loser. I don't think there's anything wrong with "drunk Jan". I think we're seeing an aspect of the Hank/Janet relationship you don't normally see; they're trying to get back together and it's not working and she's not handling it well. I don't think that's supposed to depict how she typically acts. Hank, on the other hand, has a long history of being a failure.

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