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This Guy Must Be Like Wolverine

Cause i don't know how else he could have still posed a threat to police when his back was broken.

His aunt says he is undergoing major surgery for a broken back and broken heel. While he was lying on the ground, she wonders why Ozark police used an electric stun gun on him up to 19 times. [emphasis mine]

"I'm not an officer, but i don't see the reason for 'Tasering' somebody laying there with a broken back. I don't consider that a threat,"

His dad says the use of the stun gun delayed what would have been immediate surgery by two days.

"The 'Tasering' increased his white blood cell count and caused him to have a temperature so they could not go into the operation."

"He refused to comply with the officers and so the officers had to deploy their Tasers in order to subdue him. He is making incoherent statements; he's also making statements such as, 'Shoot cops, kill cops,' things like that. So there was cause for concern to the officers," said Ozark Police Capt. Thomas Rousset.

Police say although there are several unanswered questions; the reason for the use of a stun gun is not one of them.

"It's a big concern for the officers to keep this guy out of traffic, to keep him from getting hurt," said Rousset.

I'd add Missouri to the list of places i refuse to go to, but since it's one of the landlocked states, it was already on the list.

By min | July 30, 2008, 3:52 PM | Ummm... Other?


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