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When Bush Quotes are Used as the Voice of Reason

So, i'm reading this article about how fuel subsidies results in higher prices for everyone, and i'm kinda going "right, yeah, i can see how that might be..." when i get to paragraph 7 and see this:

President George W. Bush warned about the effects of subsidies on July 15. "I am discouraged by the fact that some nations subsidize the purchases of product, like gasoline, which, therefore, means that demand may not be causing the market to adjust as rapidly as we'd like," he said.

I mean, ok, anything coming out of this man's mouth gets the automatic "bullshit" flag. He might be against "subsidies" but he's all for giving tax breaks to corporations in the name of free market economy. Corporate welfare, anyone?

I just don't know who writes an article, who isn't working for Fox News or the like, and puts in a quote from Bush to illustrate their argument and that argument isn't about what a moron Bush is or how badly our government's fucked things up. Granted, this is a paper owned by the NYT, but c'mon. It's not like it's Adam Nagourney writing it or something. It was filed in Indonesia, ferchrissakes.

By min | July 28, 2008, 12:56 PM | Liberal Outrage