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Fire me, girl!

Failed DD cartoon pitch from the 80s:

As in the comics, Matt Murdock is a blind lawyer who is secretly Daredevil. (Unlike the comics, he has dark black hair, at least if the presentation drawing is anything to go by.) By day, he pals around with his teenaged niece and his seeing-eye-dog. But when evil strikes, he becomes Daredevil, his dog becomes Lightning, the Super Dog ( I love teh way, in teh production drawing, Lightning affects a pose of mild-manneredness in his civilian guise as Matt's seeing-eye dog...), and the three of them take to the streets in Daredevil's specially-equipped van.

Now, stop and think about this for a minute: who's driving the van? Is it the blind guy, the underage girl, or the seeing-eye dog?

Anyway, once they find a crime in progress among the rooftops--which is where most of the crime in New York City typically takes place--Matt moves to the back of the van to the giant cannon, which unfolds from the top. And then, his niece launches him skyward...like a Daredevil...

By fnord12 | August 12, 2008, 2:04 PM | Comics


This would have been the best cartoon in the history of all cartoons.

I think the real question is why Matt Murdock doesn't have a seeing eye dog in the comics? I know he doesn't need one, but it would have stopped all of those FBI people from thinking he was Daredevil.