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In which i beat a dead horse

Don't blame me; Tom Brevoort brought it up:

The marketing reason is that Spider-Man is more than just a super hero, he's Marvel's corporate icon, so doing a story in which Spider-Man gets a divorce is tantamount to Marvel endorsing divorce. And while you might not think so, that's still a real hot-button issue in certain circles (as I'm sure will become apparent at some point during this year's Presidential campaign.)

I'll do my best to not to address the larger issue, but is divorce really likely to become an issue this campaign? McCain is divorced and Obama isn't really the sort to attack him for it, so in what manner will it rear its head?

By fnord12 | August 5, 2008, 3:13 PM | Comics & Liberal Outrage


If I had to guess, divorce will be an issue for McCain not because he got one, but under what circumstances (ie his faithful loving wife was disfigured so he divorced her for a rich beautiful young woman. A month later.)


I couldn't care less about divorce as a moral issue (seems to me it SOLVES moral issues) but I take issue with the circumstances under which McCain was divorced. So your quoted author is right in a sense, but he's abusing the spirit of what it means to say divorce will be an issue.