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It Got Me

As if the sprained ankle from friday and dropping my work keys down a storm drain this morning wasn't bad enough, now i have to contend with getting bit 3 times at my desk by this:


Now i have to search for any areas of standing water that are as little as 1 oz within a 200m radius. Sonovabitch.

By min | August 27, 2008, 1:23 PM | My stupid life


Maybe if you stopped trying to pick it up to take its picture, it'd stop biting you.

Mosquitos are such hams. There's no better way to stop it from biting you than to offer to take its picture.

You should strike back against these winged bloodsuckers. I suggest a shotgun with small pellets, making it easier to hit small targets. Don't worry about the collateral damage; you can always use the Dick Cheney defense.