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SuperMegaSpeed Reviews

Fantastic Four #559 - Regular readers will recall that i was excited by the reveal at the end of last issue. However, this issue didn't really deliver on that reveal - it seems to be another case of "ruined by pacing for the trade" and nothing really happened. It ended with another 'big reveal' but this one is a bit of an overused yawner.

Secret Invasion: Young Avengers/Runaways #2 - I'm enjoying this, and with a skrull on each team - one with royal blood - it really feels much more integral to the main story than was probably intended. Which is a good thing.

Secret Invasion #5 - Keeping up the pace just fine. Mr. Fantastic's line about using his brains reminded me of the "Braaaains.... braaains... use your brains to help us!" line from the Simpsons, but i guess that's not really relevant to anything.

By fnord12 | August 21, 2008, 10:12 AM | Comics


FF: ".....Galactus?"
what a dope.

SI: YA/R: technically, there's a skrull with royal blood on both teams. hulkling and xavin are both princes. i don't know why there are so many princes running around the empire who aren't brothers. are they brothers?

SI: ugh. the art's better now that it's a diff colorist, but it's still pretty bad. can someone please teach him how to draw a mouth and teeth? ew.

You just like writing "YAR"

FF: Not very good on any level (except the art).

SI: YA/R: I thinking Hulkling is also the savior or something like that.

he's the son of marvel and some skrull princess (there apparently are tons of them running around, too). the princess sent him and the nanny to earth to hide. the nanny posed as hulkling's mom until the super skrull showed up and incinerated her.

both the kree and the skrull came to earth to take hulkling back with them. he was going to be the one to end the conflict between the two races (they should have just done what other empires do and marry their children to each other) in an attempt to avoid a war, the kree and skrulls (the avengers were there, but i don't recall if they participated in the negotiations or just stood around picking their noses) agreed to share custody of hulking, like some sort of divorced couple.

hulking had no desire to go so super skrull (mebbe he felt a tiny bit guilty for incinerating his mom) posed as hulking and went away with the aliens. clearly, they eventually figured out the ruse. this is what xavin is lecturing hulking about.

Hulkling is the son of Princess Anelle,who was part of the Dorrek bloodline. The Dorreks ruled the entire Skrull empire before it was fractured when Galactus ate their homeworld. This is the main reason that Hulkling could unite the Skrulls. The fact that he's also the son of Mar-vell is something that just adds significance. Xavin is just the son of one of the many groups of rulers who claimed the throne or ran a portion of the empire after it fractured.