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Vaccine For The Plague

For those of you who are susceptible to diseases from the Middle Ages, things are looking up. They may have developed a vaccine that works against the Black Plague.

The vaccine, which is taken orally or by injection, was given to rats at UCF and the efficacy was evaluated by measuring immunity (antibody) developed in their blood.

All untreated rats died within three days while all orally immunized animals survived this challenge with no traces of the plague in their bodies. The rats were exposed to a heavy dose of Yersinia Pestis bacteria, which causes the plague, at the U.S. Army Medical Research Institute of Infectious Diseases in Maryland. It is one of a few labs in the world authorized to store and work with the highly dangerous agent.

The vaccine can be taken orally, so no need to mess with nasty needles. I'm sure the rats are happy about that bit.

By min | August 4, 2008, 11:01 AM | Science


So you're telling me they've unleashed the Plague on me now, too?


I'm invincible!

Where have I heard the phrase "Bring it on" before? It seems somehow foolhardy to tempt fate like that; asking for the Black Plauge to infect you just so you can try and beat it. Wouldn't it be safer and smarter not to play with rats?

It's ok - you've only heard the phrase "Bring it On" when Wayne and I talk about the film of the same name. (Best movie ever.)

I can't think of any other significant events that could possibly have used a similar phrase with unfortunate consequences.

Well there was this little known news article where someone used the phrase; but I must admit that it was used plurally.


Nah, you're definitely thinking of the cheerleader movie.

Did somebody say cheerleader?

Wayne you better be careful - I posted something about needing an AI single issue comic and within 5 minutes had a high-quality digital copy of Tomorrow Woman.

You're in danger of being replaced as my DC go-to guy.

Bring It On? Are you sure you don't mean You Got Served? Or Stomp The Yard? Or maybe Take The Lead? Are you sure you're not getting Feel The Noise and How She Move mixed in there as well? I mean, they all have three words in the title, they're all about dancing and they're all bad. Even I won't touch them.

And I think that says something.

If you're speaking ill of Bring it On, you have not seen Bring it On.

I have not seen it, nor do I intend to. No amount of Kirsten Dunst is going to make that movie enjoyable for me.

Wayne better get back here and defend Bring It On's honor.

don't forget about eliza dushku. i hear all the boys think she's a hottie.

i've seen the Bring It On with the chick from Heroes. that was unwatchable.

Bring It On is filled with awesome from start to finish. Eliza Dushku is just the icing on the cake.

and Robn, I told you about that Tomorrow Woman comic (and it's previous JLA issue). When you originally posed the question.

Your attempts to convince me to watch this movie are falling far short. I'll tell you what though. I'll watch "Bring it on" if you can watch "Half Caste". I think that's a fair exchange of pain.

I wouldn't watch any movie that would have me as a viewer.

Movies have no opinions of their viewers, they're not sentient. Some of the actors in them aren't either.

i don't know why we're not talking about gary busey and nick nolte.

Gary Busey is sentient, he's just crazy. Not sure about Nick Nolte. I can't tell if anyone was home when he was in "The Hulk" (you know, home upstairs; the lights were on but...).