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Open Discussion Thread for D&D

Since the party is in between big quests at the moment, it helps me know what direction to prepare in if i have an idea of your plans for the next session. Below are some of the more obvious things that are going on, but don't let the list constrain you.

  • Find Lord Phantar
  • Find Beeblebrox
  • Check in with the Roesh Wizards to see if they've come up with anything on Gloiterwome
  • Investigate the Ruins of Pern
  • Look into some of the things mentioned by Beeblebrox in the pre-'recorded' message to the party, especially the members that weren't actually there, like Portentia, Synchromie, and... Klute?

By fnord12 | October 24, 2008, 9:59 AM | D&D


I say we search for the frumious bandersnatch.

Oh wait.


I believe we wanted to stop in Yokel to check on the equipment and question the bartender a little closer since we've now discovered missing stuff. Although if I "remember" since I wasn't there...the stuff wont be ready yet. I think its only been like 4 days. I believe we were going to head to head to Betaya to get stuff and do more research, which I guess could technically cover that last bullet on the list. Also. I was not planning on returning to Roesh yet, but would send a courier at some point esp. if I'm having impending doom dreams still.

I think the next thing big thing we could possibly do is search for the sword parts/rescue Lord Phantar since we have no other leads. Unless the dragon thing interrupts us. I'm sure the others will have some comment on this.

I thought we were going to go back to the town and sqeeze some info. out of that bartender. He knows something about those guys. We can't let people just come up and steal our stuff. We're heroes! Those guys were shady anyways. What's their deal? Malouf didn't even do anything. Besides, I do want to pick up the stuff we had made at the armory. It's been over a week, so it'll be done soon (Rose, what's the date now and then?) Maybe we can ask people about the Goblins (were they Goblins? Orcs?) Let's ask the hobbits if they've seen anything suspicious, you never know.

You could make a John Moore or Beau Thorne NPC to smack round for a session or two.

unless we can get more information regarding the mystery shrouding the Ruins of Pern, i would hesitate to investigate them at this point. we did not fair well in our last encounter there.

Gloiterwome is a serious problem. Brecaryn, i would strongly support sending a missive to Roesh. we can only hope they have discovered something we can use. there is no doubt we will be forced to face her again and this time we won't have the help of Vain.

i don't know anything about these messages from Beeblebrox as i was not there. barring anything pressing for the rest of the party in that regard, my vote would be to find Phantar. Retameron and Halia will not be able to long hide his disappearance. already, unrest grows in South Luka. i fear a rebellion is brewing. without Phantar's presence, a rebellion could lead to all out war and this land is not yet recovered from the ravages of the Red Bull. regardless of the politics, this would hurt the people the most.

if Brecaryn wishes to stop in Yokel and Betaya first, i have no objections. it will give me another chance to visit my people.

Reference from SuperMegaMonkey: D&D Edition

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