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Palin's Just a Delicate Flower

This is just unbelievable, by which, i mean i'm totally not surprised but i am disgusted.

At those times on the campaign trail when sometimes it's easy to get a little bit discouraged, when, you know, when you happen to turn on the news when your campaign staffers will let you turn on the news," she said, prompting laughter from the group. "Usually they're like 'Oh my gosh, don't watch. You're going to, you know, you're going to get depressed.'"

Yep. Her staffers aren't letting her hear anything negative about her so that her delicate feelings won't be bruised. Sort of reminds you of Bush and how he gets all cranky if someone says something unflattering about him.

So, the VP who has supposedly been keeping the Russians at bay up there in Alaska and has been talking trash about whiners and accusing Obama of "pallin' around with terrorists" isn't strong enough to hear some criticisms?

So, this is the tough, lipstick-wearing pitbull who didn't blink as she took off the gloves and put on the heels (this is starting to sound like a Skinemax plot summary)? Sounds to me like she's actually just a namby pamby pussy.

First off, it's pretty sexist to say you've got to protect li'l ol' Sarah Palin from the big, nasty media (who have been, and to a great extent still are, shilling to the GOP for the last 2 decades, at least). Would any male VP candidate admit to hiding behind his staffers' skirts and would any GOP campaign let this info out if their boss was a man?

Second, you know that if anything even remotely like this was going on with a Democrat, it would be red meat for the Republicans. They would waste no time as portraying this as more evidence that Democrats are weak and not capable of running this country.

It must be a full moon because for once, i agree with the Republicans on something. She's certainly not capable. Of anything.

By min | October 17, 2008, 1:23 PM | Liberal Outrage