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The Price of Fame

Everyone wants a piece:


The domain supermegamonkey.com has recently become available for us so we are offering it to you, because you are the owner of its .net version.

Domain Guard Service is intended to assist our clients with their promotion on the Internet. We use many methods to increase the effectiveness of a client's presence on the Web. Securing .com domains for anyone using another extension for their site is one of them.

There are several reasons why owning a .com is of great importance for any domain holder:
- It's in the essense of Internet: .com is most popular and widely used, and the typical user usually supposes that he/she will find you at supermegamonkey.com. A lot of companies and organizations who use other extensions as primary (.net for Web services or private sites, .org for non-profit organizations etc.) are securing .coms not to lose the visitors who are seeking them there. With .com, you will be free to use both your .net and .com so you will only gain visitors.
- By owning the .com, you will be sure to stay #1 in your own name space.

If you are interested in this domain, please act quickly, as we soon intend to bring it to the auction where the acquisition cost will be higher than now.

Please use the link below to discover the current cost of the domain, read more about the advantages of owning a .com and get information on the details of the purchase and domain transfer procedure:

Secure supermegamonkey.com now!

Best regards,
Dan Johnson
Domain Guard Service
mailto: dan@domainguardservice.com

Good luck with that auction.

By fnord12 | November 13, 2008, 6:19 PM | My stupid life