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Mini Mousse

My foray into making smaller versions of my mousse cake.

Now if i could figure out a good way of extracting them from their little pans that didn't involved super long fingers and 3 hands...

By min | December 24, 2008, 10:54 AM | My stupid life



Try that. If you need them taller, thing about stacking them and icing the outside.


Also, they're called Spring form pans.

the smallest springform pans i've found have been 4" while i wanted a 3" pan. i think i came up with a plan on how to extract things next time.

not that i haven't been tempted to own 4" springform pans, too...

also, there will be no icing of mousse in my house.

Then use a glaze, or some other form of pastry paste. Why not just make larger 4" mousses (moussi? meece? or whatever the plural of mousse is)?

Your other option is silicon baking dishes, cupcake trays, etc. The problem is that silicon changes the cooking time and temp and the mousse or cupcake or cake or what have you doesn't always break away cleanly when you twist them out. Also, they have a tendency to hang onto dirt and flecks of things, so silicon bake-ware is hard to keep clean.

Just make a bigger mousse. Trust me.

mourre mousse!!

You wanted it, you got it!