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SuperMegaSpeed Reviews

X-Force #13 - I like the way this book handled the upcoming cross-over. Instead of neatly wrapping up their plotline, they totally interrupted it, to the point where the team actually failed their mission. This is a good book, with a good team dynamic and good plotting. I like how Cyclops has this dark side; i don't know if that's the way he's portrayed in other books, but i think it does make sense for the character. I was disappointed that Boom Boom got killed; it didn't even occur to me that they can use the time travel device to reverse the death until min pointed it out. And, related to nothing, i was thinking that Cyclops, Angel, and Wolverine all have been 'touched' by Apocalypse in some way. Cyclops was possessed by him for a while or something, Angel of course was turned into Archangel by him, and Wolverine got his adamantium back from him (and i still like Walt Simonson's theory that Apocalypse was behind the Weapon X program the first time - it fit the character's MO). I only bring this up because Kyle & Yost seem really good at making all of these lame 90s villains interesting; i think they could do a lot to help out Apocalypse, who has been neglected and misunderstood since the Louise Simonson days.

Dark Avengers #3 - This was a great issue for the character development of Norman Osborn. Bendis did a lot to humanize him, even if we don't really believe that he was being earnest in dealing with the Sentry. Really great work. And of course, now he's potentially gotten access to Doom's technology. The fight scene against Le Fey and her demons was well done as well. Deodato did some really good layouts, and i loved that scene with Morgan riding the dragon. This has turned out to be a great book.

By fnord12 | March 26, 2009, 9:29 PM | Comics