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Buckaroo Banzai Had 8 Dimensions

But when one of your dimensions is "polarisation", i suppose i have to cut you some slack.

For the first time researchers from the university's Centre for Micro-Photonics have demonstrated how nanotechnology can enable the creation of 'five dimensional' discs with huge storage capacities.
Discs currently have three spatial dimensions, but using nanoparticles the Swinburne researchers were able to introduce a spectral - or colour - dimension as well as a polarisation dimension.'
Some issues, such as the speed at which the discs can be written on, are yet to be resolved. However the researchers - who have already signed an agreement with Samsung - are confident the discs will be commercially available within 5 - 10 years.


That's right, sparky. The fourth dimension is color.

By min | May 21, 2009, 2:25 PM | Science