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Random Lyrics Thursday

Don't Destroy Me by Echoboy

My work is done
Thank god for the sun
Endlich urlaub
At last.. a holiday
(Day.. day... day...)

A sense of warm calm energy
Comes slowly over me
A sense of space so i can breathe
Amplify these emotions
I can see the morning
All the phases of my life
The building and the trees
I don't like the morning
All the pages open wide
Makes it clear for me to see
And feel reality

In the light brown lamplight of the moon
My aimless eyes will gaze at you
Feels like i'm floating in the air
A lack solidity

Don't destroy me
I'll take cover
Don't destroy me now
I'll take cover
Find another
Way to pass the time

I can see the morning

By fnord12 | May 7, 2009, 9:54 AM | Music