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WWOOF Vacations

This is kinda kewl if you get an assignment that doesn't require too many hours of actual work, like the Tuscany Wine and Olives one, and you don't have to camp.

The concept of a "WWOOFing holiday" is simple, very cheap and 100% above board: volunteers enjoy free food and accommodation at organic projects throughout the world in return for a number of hours' unpaid work per day.
f you want to combine your WWOOFing with a spot of Atlantic surfing or kayaking in a freshwater lagoon, head to Monte da Cunca in the south-western Algarve...WWOOFers work in the organic kitchen garden, build biodegradable straw-bale houses, decorate tourist apartments and look after the goats, donkey and horse.
Work on this family-run farm near Riparbella is limited to a civilised four hours per day. The land was converted to organic in 1981 and has welcomed WWOOFers since 1997. You can expect to tend the vineyards and olive groves as well as clearing land and cutting grass. Meals are mainly vegetarian and partially organic and there is room for two volunteers.

Ofc, i would prolly hate the communal thing, being me and all. But learning how to do stuff like build houses or grow real food - it might almost make up for it. Almost.

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