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Min and i will be gone until Monday enjoying Nearfest, so we leave you with these words of wisdom:

  • We don't really have a lot of insight into what's going on in Iran, and the US taking an official position on it at this point can really only make matters worse.
  • If Obama is doing something that Bush used to do that we didn't like then, there's no reason to like it now. And if Obama is doing something that actively goes against a campaign promise, saying that he's only been in office for five months isn't a valid defense.
  • The Public Option is the compromise. We wanted Single Payer. So no more compromises.
  • One pound of beef is equal to 160 pounds of potatoes.
  • Marvel comics are awesome! But they'd be even better if they did it the way i say they should.

*amalgam of fnord and substitute, not fnord and prostitute

By fnord12 | June 18, 2009, 2:38 PM | My stupid life


...but you hate concerts!

It's organized by a friend of min's. And there's a lot of appeal in being able to see classic prog bands like Gong and Van Der Graaff Generator play live. But i can confirm after this weekend that we do indeed hate concerts.

One pound of beef is equal to 160 pounds of potatoes.

By that logic, shouldn't we all eat beef? I mean, if you have to ship 160 pounds of potatoes to get the same amount of sustenance that you would get from one pound of beef you would have to spend a lot more time and fuel on shipping. That's bad for the environment as it would contribute to global warming (I don't call it "climate change").

Personally I think that you shouldn't have to choose between beef and potatoes, as they're so good together. Even better if you add carrots, celery, green peppers and onions and stick that all between two pie crusts with some type of gravy.

Still its nice, albeit strange, to have a Vegan endorsing beef. Thanks fnord!

Shut up and eat your potato giblets.

They're actually quite tasty, especially when covered in gravy that I made from the drippings of the 16oz. steak that I have sitting next to them on my plate.