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SuperMegaSpeed Reviews

Just about every comic i collect came out since my last review, so lots to go through...

Captain Britain and MI13 #14 - So last issue was a fake-out as expected. This issue picked up a bit but i still won't be sorry to see it go.

Daredevil #110 - This book is consistently good but not awesome. Brubaker's original 'DD in prison' story arc was awesome. It's been good since then, but not spectacular like that first arc or his Captain America.

Guardians of the Galaxy #15 - Only one little panel with Cosmo and Lockjaw, but it was a good panel. Between the Starhawk plot, the Warlock/Magus plot, and the plots related to the War of the Kings, there's a lot going on in this book, but it's handled well.

Hercules #130 - A little bit too much of a 're-telling of old myths' issue for my tastes. The series is actually feeling a little directionless right now, tell you the truth. Could just be this arc, but i'm not sure where they're going or what this series is about right now. Plus you've got Armless Tiger-Man just standing around not biting anything or attacking any machinery with a hammer held between his toes. It's a travesty.

Nova #26 - Still not loving the new Worldmind, but otherwise this is great. Well, let me bitch a little more. I'm not thrilled that they're introducing Gladiator's cousin as a Supergirl analogue. The original Imperial Guard were based on the Legion of Super-Heroes. It was kind of a throwaway gag. But they stuck and now we've got a Superman (boy?) level character running around. Which is just really unbalancing from a power-level perspective. And now they're introducing another one. Anyway, it's a good book.

Secret Warriors #5 - I'm not sure when Gabe became such a hard-ass. Give him back his horn and maybe he won't be so cranky. It's nice to see the Howlers getting the spotlight this issue.

X-Force #16 - I was going to say that this was actually pretty good, but then i got to the ending. And it seems like nothing actually gets resolved. We don't find out why the girl was so important. Bishop isn't stopped. Basically nothing's changed. These are Cable plotlines so i don't really care other than the fact that my series got interrupted for the crossover, but i'm not sure what the point of all this was.

War of the Kings: Ascension #3 - Holy crap! Everything i knew about Darkhawk was wrong! That totally blew my mind!

The Hood #2 - I'm going to need to see a timeline to figure out where this takes place relative to the Hood's complete defeat in New Avengers and his (totally different, in tone and logistics) meetings with the rest of the Dark Illuminati in this book and in Dark Avengers. But i'm enjoying this.

Dark Avengers #6 - The cover shows Marvel Boy fighting either an alien or Venom. But Marvel Boy doesn't even appear in this issue. It's all good, though, because Harry Osborn rules. I see that he even defaced Tony Stark's entire collection of Iron Man armor, turning them all into Iron Patriots. Dick.

New Avengers #54 - I'm ambivalent about the Doctor Strange/Brother Voodoo development, partially because Voodoo's new accent grates on me and partially because i know that Doctor Strange will go back to being the sorcerer supreme soon enough. I also think if there was going to be a new sorcerer supreme it would go to a new initiate, like Strange and Mordo were back in the day, not an established sorcerer. But Spider-man is funny and the Osborn/Hawkeye media war is a nice touch and overall this is still a great series.

Captain America #600 - Ok, but didn't Cap also get sniped through the back of the head by Crossbones? I didn't really love the tribute/jam issue but i guess it's just something you have to put up whenever a series reaches a round number. The back-up stories were pretty atrocious. I'm all for getting Roger Stern writing something but get him a decent artist and stop with these weird stories about his supporting characters from the late 70s/early 80s. The Golden Age reprint was just awesome though. Man, you thought the Red Skull was a menace before, just wait till you've seen him now that he's learned archery. He was shooting everything with those arrows; opening his mail, turning on the television, oh, and murdering people. I enjoyed the cover gallery but it makes it clear that they're counting the first 60 or so issues of Tales of Suspense before Cap ever appeared there. That's not new (i didn't complain when i bought issue #300 off the stands back in 1984, so i can't complain now), but it shows you how arbitrary these anniversaries are.

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