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'He is there to pass health-reform--not make us post-racist, or post-police power, or post-whatever.'

I guess i was pretty impressed with Obama's defusing of the Gates situation, and was only a little disappointed with the fact that (the appearance is that) he's backing down off his original "the police acted stupidly' stance. Ta-Nehisi Coates flips that perspective on me:

I feel pretty stupid for going hard on this, and stupider for defending what Obama won't really defend himself. I should have left it at one post. Evidently Obama, Crowley and Gates are talking about getting a beer together. I hope they have a grand old time.

The rest of us are left with a country where, by all appearances, officers are well within their rights to arrest you for sassing them. Which is where we started.

I hope Crowley, Gates and Obama get that beer soon. They need to pour out a little something for Shem Walker. We can't all go to Harvard.

By fnord12 | July 27, 2009, 8:53 AM | Liberal Outrage