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Walmart - which currently encourages its employees to go on Medicaid so that it doesn't have to provide affordable health insurance - has just come out in favor of employee mandates that force employers to cover all employees. It's a move that has pro-health reform advocates scratching their heads. I'm not necessarily interested in the employer mandate; i just want a public option that will cover anyone who wants it. But it is a policy that is favored by most progressives, so it's interesting to see Walmart support it. The 'common ground' may be that it will be a likely strain on small businesses, which will be to Walmart's advantage in driving out the competition.

Meanwhile, Joe Lieberman - who, when welcoming him back into the Democratic caucus, Harry Reid told us that he was a good Democrat on everything except the Iraqi war - has come out against the Public Option.

So basically our enemies are our friends and our friends are our enemies. If we're naive enough to have believed that Lieberman was ever our friend, and if we don't suspect Walmart of having an ulterior motive.

By fnord12 | July 1, 2009, 1:27 PM | Liberal Outrage