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Let that be a lesson to you

Blair's bid to becoming the president of the EU apparently isn't going well.

The leftist view is perhaps best articulated by Luxembourg's Foreign Minister, Jean Asselborn, who noted that "Now in the United States, Obama is the president, it is no more Mr Bush. We have a new treaty, we have to reset Europe and we need to start with some new ideas. There is and will remain a link for the next generation between Iraq, Bush and Tony Blair. As a Fabian Socialist, I have never been more disappointed in a leader than in Tony Blair. I would describe his tenure in government as simply catastrophic."

And from the centre-right:

[German Chancellor] Merkel is said to like Blair personally, but privately she has been candid about her reservations - Blair's record on the Iraq war and the fact that Britain is outside the single currency eurozone and the passport-free Schengen system. Britain's detachment from mainstream Europe also widens under the Lisbon treaty because of the opt-outs it negotiated.

Next time, don't support a stupid war.

By fnord12 | October 30, 2009, 2:56 PM | Liberal Outrage